About GMA

GMA is a free market, educational, cooperative community.

We welcome families who believe in giving of their time and talents to create a greater whole, from which all our children can benefit. We strive to offer rich educational experiences, from high-quality courses to sensory-rich field trips to service opportunities, while trying to keep costs as low as possible. Our courses are taught by a mix of parents, community experts, and some professional teachers.

It is helpful to think of us in terms of what we are not. We are not a school. No one is in charge of teachers and students in an authoritarian sense. We value choice and accountability, and expect good and respectful conduct, without many rules or regulations. We are a non-profit organization. We are group of hard-working volunteers pulling together to create amazing new options and opportunities for families.


A Visit

Interested in making a visit to our co-op? We’d love to learn more about your family and help you see if GMA is a good fit for you.